Skilled Group is a leading ‎provider of integrated ‎material handling automation ‎and manufacturer of ‎products and solutions for ‎food, beverage, consumer ‎goods, pharmaceutical, and ‎other diverse companies. ‎Through their strategic ‎brands, Skilled Group ‎provides automation ‎solutions and product ‎equipment, offering certified ‎training, installation, parts, ‎and service in turnkey ‎material handling ‎systems palletizing, de-‎palletizing, conveyance ‎and laser guided vehicles.
Skilled Groups 45+ years in ‎end of line solutions has a ‎diverse customer base, from ‎fortune 500 companies to ‎smaller, privately-held ‎businesses worldwide, ‎which depend on reliable, ‎flexible, technologically ‎advanced equipment ‎and integrated solution sets. ‎Skilled Group ‎headquartered in Schio, Italy ‎with manufacturing facilities ‎and offices in United States ‎and Europe.‎