REICH is Germany's oldest name in the market for smoking process systems. As a mid-sized company with headquarters in Schechingen, Ostalb administrative district, we can look back on 125 years of family tradition. Schechingen آلمان مستقر می باشد.
The REICH systems have been known for decades for their consistently high processing quality, maximum performance, best production results and easy handling. Whether you want to individually process meat, sausage, fish, poultry, cheese or other products – our engineers always find the ideal solution for all requirements.
But tradition alone does not account for a good system manufacturer. To quote our corporate management "experience is fine but continuous advancement and intelligent use of new technical opportunities are decisive." For this reason our current development division is no longer solely comprised of specialists with decades of experience but also includes young creative thinkers whose fresh ideas ensure dynamic development in our system construction. Our current product line includes the most modern smoking and climate-controlled curing systems for every plant size and every production process. And of course, environmentally friendly with optimal use of energy.
Quality standards With regard to REICH's quality standards, a quote from the British writer Oscar Wilde hits the nail on the head: "I have very simple tastes. I'm always satisfied with the best."
All our units, without exception, are manufactured at our headquarters in Schechingen near Stuttgart. Only high quality products from German brand manufacturers are used for all heavily used parts such as motors, ventilator impellers, valves, cylinders, etc.
All of the REICH systems are completely assembled at our plant, set to a functional state and tested down to the smallest detail in accordance with the most stringent requirements. Our customers receive a ready-to-install system which can be up and running in a very short time. The time-consuming adaptation and on-site completion, for example of the smoke pipelines, do not apply to our systems. REICH also sets very high internal standards for service and customer support. REICH systems are quality products "Made in Germany". Simply come and have a look – we will be happy to explain the manufacturing of our units during your personal tour of the factory.

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