The Tonelli brand is recognized worldwide as the "top" in mixing and processing technologies for the Bakery and Confectionery Industry, thanks to the extraordinary ingenious of a R&D department constantly aimed at the most innovative solutions; to the vast mechanical and electronic know-how of an in-house production team; to the sensibility of the sales team in listening to the Customer and his needs; to the efficiency of the after-sales and spare parts services. The human and professional contribution of about 100 people, between personnel, collaborators and agents, has brought about over 10.000 Planetary Mixers and 500 Sponge Cake Lines to more than 2000 Customers all over the world.
Tonelli is in the forefront of new technologies, able not only to provide high-engineered technical executions, like:
• MIXING SYSTEMS, for any kind of dough, form the softest to the hardest, for creams and stuffing;
• PASTEURIZING and COOKING SYSTEMS, continuous and per batch, for creams, mousses and custards, mayonnaise and sauces;
• PRODUCT TRANSFER SYSTEMS, such as Lifters, Tilters, automated LGV systems;
• AUTOMATIC SPONGE CAKE LINES, complete TURN-KEY plants to produce finished sweet snacks (layer-cakes, rolls, milk snack, family size cakes) and also sponge bases for cakes production, soft biscuits, plum cakes, fig bars and many other finished products;
• THERMAL TREATMENTS, with new patented Scraped Surface Exchangers, Combithermix© and CombiAerator© Exchanger
but also to suggest new solutions for:
• PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENTS hard to manage, characterized by high humidity and at risk of moulds; our Company prepares pre-tested solutions for sanitary-controlled environments or simply gives indications to the Customer on how to realize them at the lower costs;
• SHELF LIFE IMPROVING, through customized recipes, to obtain a balanced product with sponge and cream at an acceptable humidity so to prevent moulds and saving at the same time the organoleptic qualities. We also study solutions to obtain batters with no-eggs, mostly for Country with Avian risk and cream pasteurizing systems that allow using completely natural ingredients (milk, fresh eggs, etc.)
In fact, in its constant Research, Tonelli Group, has developed a 700 sqmt Laboratory Area, which is available for Customers to test their existing recipes or to study new ones together with the support of Technologists.
Tonelli mission is to be with the Customer step by step during the productive process, from the recipe's adjustment in our laboratory with the technologists' support, to the definition of the right environmental variables for the production area; from the study of the product's technical needs, to the final advice on the real production phase at the Customer's facilities. From an idea to the shelf... and further.

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