Founded in 1988, the Italian company TECNO 3 designs and makes systems for the confectionery and chocolate industry, in particular for cocoa, chocolate, nut and semi-finished products, with a high regard for the quality of the finished product.
Chocolate production foresees the dosing and mixing of the ingredients, their refining and conching through to the finished product, ready to be moulded. Nut processing includes cleaning, roasting, peeling and grinding. The preparation of creams to be used as semi-finished products can be carried out with traditional, automatic or continuous systems.
traditional, automatic or continuous systems. The company’s technicians and technologists constantly strive to keep up with new applications and concepts that make its processing lines second to none when it comes to continuous processing and quick production changeover.
The passion for such work is the driving force that leads our customers, our technologists and technicians to aim for continuous enhancements, further strengthening the company’s desire to grow.
TECNO3 is equipped with a testing laboratory complete with processing machinery, to provide its customers the possibility to run trials with their products, both already consolidated ones and products that are still in development, with the support of technicians and technologists.

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